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NuWoman 30 PLUS Natural Hormone Balance Support Tablets 120 - Fairy springs pharmacy

NuWoman 30 PLUS Natural Hormone Balance Support 120 Tablets

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NuWoman 30 PLUS Natural Hormone Balance Support 120 Tablets

NuWoman 30 PLUS provides essential health for women by assisting and supporting normal hormone balance - naturally.

A large percentage of women can experience hormonal fluctuations, menstrual and other issues that can dramatically affect their everyday lives and relationships with family and friends. Hormonal imbalances or Oestrogen dominance can occur during natural changes after childbirth, during the monthly menstrual cycle (PMS) or during menopause. These imbalances can also occur due to the use of synthetic sources, such as the oral contraceptive pill, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as well as changes in diet and our environment.

The symptoms of hormonal imbalance might include:
• Nervous tension and emotional outbursts
• Anger and irritability
• Weepiness
• Stress and mood swings
• Lack of energy
• Oestrogen dominance

The 30 PLUS Nu Woman formula combines the internationally studied and proven effectiveness of cimicifuga racemosa with natural amino acids, nutrients and vitamins to help the body's own hormonal balance. 30 Plus is a completely natural way to balance the body's hormones. It doesn't interfere with the contraceptive pill.

Active Ingredients:
Cimimax 390mg, Tyrosine 150mg, Chromium Picolinate 200mcg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 100mcg, Folic Acid 100mcg, Cyanocobalamin (B12) 25mcg, Calcium hydrogen phosphate 24.23mg.

Take 1 tablet twice daily with meals. Preferably, one in the morning and one in the evening.

• Use only as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.
• The black cohosh plant (Actaea or Cimicifuga racemosa) contains active ingredients including phytoestrogens which are what gives it such medicinal value in treating menstrual and menopausal symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. As with any phytomedicinal preparation, adverse effects can be experienced in high doses, and effective dosage will vary with each individual. If you experience any adverse symptoms while taking a supplement the wise course of action is to stop the dosage for 3 days then reintroduce the supplement at a low dosage and monitor your body’s response, increasing the dose gradually if indicated. In this way you can find your minimum effective dosage. Consult a qualified medical herbalist for accurate prescribing of herbal medicines.
• Using black cohosh may be contraindicated for anyone with a hormonally related cancerous condition. It is also contraindicated while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Extended Information:
Cimi-max is a herbal extract that has been scientifically proven to balance hormone levels. A delicate balance exists between oestrogen and progesterone in the female body. When this balance is upset a whole range of annoying symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, irritability, irregular menses, painful menses, fibroids, cysts, acne, weight-gain, fluid retention and depression may be present. The Cimi-Max extract is standardised from the herb Black Cohosh.

Tyrosine is a precursor to natural brain neurotransmitters, endorphins. Endorphin's are the substances that make us feel good, therefore tyrosine can be used for depression, mood swings, hyperirritability and anxiety. During times of excess stress and tension our adrenal glands tend to burnout. As a result we feel fatigued and can suffer from chronic exhaustion. Tyrosine is an essential nutrient for the adrenals and supports the body during times of stress and tension. Tyrosine can be useful in the treatment of weight-gain and fatigue.

Vitamin B6 has been used successfully in clinical trails and practice for the treatment of hormonal symptoms such as, fluid retention, anxiety, acne, mood swings and irritability. Vitamin B6 is also a precursor to hormone production and assists in the correct excretion.

Folic acid is necessary for the correct synthesis of hormones. If the body does not correctly synthesise its hormones, then an imbalance can exist. A complex pathway of hormone synthesis exists. Without adequate levels of Folic acid the body will not be able to manufacture the correct levels of hormones needed, thus creating an imbalance.

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the correct detoxification of hormones. Along with Vitamin B6 and Folic acid, Vitamin B12 donates a methyl group, which assists in the correct breakdown of hormones in the liver. If these hormones are not properly broken down and excreted then they recirculate creating a hormonal imbalance.

Chromium is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of hormonal associated blood sugar imbalance. When your blood sugar fluctuates you are likely to experience energy swings, cravings, headaches, overeating, mood swings and irritability. Chromium along with the B vitamins will help to balance blood sugar levels, giving you more energy and making you more effective in daily activities.

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