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DENTEK Professional-Fit Dental Guard

DENTEK Professional-Fit Dental Guard

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Protect your teeth from damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding with the DenTek™ Maximum Protection Dental Guard, the only over-the-counter night guard that includes a forming tray for a close-to-professional fit at home. Includes dental guard, exclusive forming tray, and storage case.
• Offers custom-fit protection similar to a professionally made mouth guard—for a fraction of the cost
• Quickly customizable in two easy steps
• Dental guard creates a cushion of comfort between upper and lower teeth
• Helps prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding (bruxism), including jaw discomfort, tooth chipping and cracking, and headaches
• All bite guard parts are BPA-free and latex-free
• 6 month protection guarantee
Fitting Your Mouth Guard
Step 1: Test Fitting
• Load dental guard into the forming tray. The dental guard is positioned correctly when the top of the guard is concave. If it is not in the right position, correct the placement of the dental guard before going any further in the fitting process.
• Place the dental guard and forming tray below your upper teeth and bite down.
• Use a mirror to ensure the forming tray is centered in the middle of your front two teeth. Your teeth should be aligned in the middle of the moldable material.

Step 2: Final Fitting
• Using a microwave or stove, bring a bowl or pot of water to a rolling boil. Water should be at least 1.5 inches deep. Remove the boiling water from heat source and let it rest for 10 seconds. Use caution when removing from heat.
• While loaded in the forming tray, place the dental guard face down in the hot water for 60 seconds.
• Remove the dental guard and forming tray with a metal fork, using the openings in the tray handle.
• Quickly dip it in room temperature water (no more than 1 second). Immediately pick up the dental guard using the forming tray handle and carefully place in your mouth. Do not bite down yet.
• While looking in a mirror, center the dental guard below your front two teeth and the sides below your molars.
• Firmly bite down into the moldable material of the dental guard and hold until it cools to body temperature. Wait at least 2 minutes.
• Gently remove the dental guard and forming tray from your mouth and rinse under cool water for 20 seconds. This allows the molded night guard to completely set in the forming tray.
• Once cool, remove the dental guard from the forming tray. Start by gently pulling the ends from each side of the forming tray, then working around to the front. It is normal for the guard to slightly stick in the forming tray. Your dental guard is now ready for use.

Clean & Care
• After each use, brush your dental guard with toothpaste and/or mouthwash and thoroughly rinse with cool tap water. Never use hot water, as it could alter the shape of your dental guard.
• Check your dental guard monthly for wear. The life of your dental guard depends on how often you grind your teeth and the force of your teeth grinding. Your dental guard can last up to six months.

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