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    ELASTOPLAST Kitchen Kit 40 pack - Fairy springs pharmacy

    ELASTOPLAST Kitchen Kit 40 pack

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    Elastoplast Kitchen Kit 40 - Assorted

    The Elastoplast Kitchen Kit protects minor wounds caused by small kitchen accidents. This basic first aid plaster kit is suitable for various wounds as it contains multiple plaster shapes and sizes.

    The plasters are available in 4 different shapes which seal around the whole wound to prevent contamination in the kitchen. Each plaster has a wound pad which protects and cushions the wound. There is a combination of breathable fabric plasters and water-resistant plastic plasters.

    Pack Contains:
    20 Plastic Strips - 19mm x 72mm
    10 Fabric Strips - 30mm x 65mm
    2 Fabric Strips - 38mm x 72mm
    8 Spots - 23mm

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