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    Good Health Immuno-Well 30 VegeCaps

    Good Health Immuno-Well 30 VegeCaps

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    Good Health Immuno-Well is powered by EpiCor® and contains a high dose of scientifically researched EpiCor® to support a healthy immune system. 

    EpiCor® is a wholefood fermentate that also provides a comprehensive range of nutrients to balance the gut microbiome. EpiCor®is a unique immune balancer, that acts quickly on relieving symptoms related to a head winter chills and boosts natural killer cells in the blood stream, giving a second line of defence. 

    Taken daily, Immuno-Well supports the connection between optimal digestive health and strong immunity.

    • Strengthens Immunity with Antioxidant protection
    • Provides the first line of defence for healthy respiratory function
    • Also gives a second line of defence against winter illness
    • Aides digestion with prebiotic support for the gut flora
     Each capsule contains,   
     EpiCor®  500mg
      - Yeast fermentate made using Saccharomyces Cerevisia
     Encapsulating aids  


    Suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Always consult a Health Professional if unsure, but there are no known cautions and contraindications with this product, as the ingredient is sourced from a wholefood fermentate.


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