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Harker Herbals Nature's Chest Rub 30g - Fairy springs pharmacy

Harker Herbals Nature's Chest Rub 30g

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A soothing chest rub with menthol to to help clear the airways. Non-greasy lotion absorbs directly into skin. May be rubbed directly into nostrils in severe cases of congestion.
A soothing chest balm applied to the chest to soothe and help clear airways. 1046 Nature's Chest Rub lotion slowly releases penetrative anti-congestive fumes into nostrils to help with breathing. The oils diffuse into chest tissues, giving soothing relief. A non-greasy, absorptive, diffusive natural lotion.

• A chest balm that soothes and helps clear airways.
• Provides relief and cooling when applied topically.
• Ideal for children and elderly persons.
• May be inserted into the nostrils directly.
• Apply to the soles of the feet in all unwell cases.

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