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    Harker Herbals Stress Relief 250ml - Fairy springs pharmacy

    Harker Herbals Stress Relief 250ml

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    Harker Herbals Stress Relief 250ml - Be Well

    Eases nervous tension and symptoms of stress, supports healthy mood
    • Supports a balanced mood and eases nervous tension
    • Eases symptoms of stress such as fatigue, irritability, reduced immunity
    • Supports healthy energy and restful sleep
    • Includes Saffron, which clinical research shows supports healthy mood.
    • Natural orange flavour
    • Free from gluten, dairy, alcohol and preservatives, vegan-friendly
    • Suitable for adults and young adults over 12 years
    • Can be taken long term

    Indicated for:
    • Worry, low mood and a restless mind
    • Fatigue and low energy

    Active Ingredients:
    Each 5ml dose contains:
    Saffron crocus sativus (Iranian Sargol Saffron) equivalent to fresh stigma 50mg
    Withania withania somnifera extract equivalent to dry root 1195mg
    standardised to contain 3.04mg of withanolides
    Licorice glycrrhiza glabra extract equivalent to dry root 776mg
    standardised to contain 7.75mg glycyrrhizin
    Skullcap scutellaria lateriflora extract equivalent to dry leaf 446.6mg
    In a base of organic rice malt, natural sweeteners, natural flavours, citric acid and

    Adults: Take 5mls three times per day during periods of stress.

    • If taking prescribed medication, consult your health professional before taking this product.
    • If symptoms persist, seek professional medical advice.
    • Not suitable for diabetics.
    • Seek professional medical advice for use during pregnancy.

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