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HEMP CONNECT Hemp Power Blend 300g

HEMP CONNECT Hemp Power Blend 300g

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A powerful blend of sacred plants; hemp, maca & cacao. NZ grown and made hemp protein and certified organic activated yellow maca and raw cacao ethically sourced from Peru are heavy in Nutrition but tread lightly on the earth.
300g pouch

• Good Source of Protein
• Ethically sourced maca and cacao
• Certified Organic Maca and Cacao
• NZ Made and Grown Hemp Protein Powder
• Blended with love in New Zealand
• Delicious chocolatey flavour
• Easy to use
• Low in sugar and fat
• Dietary Fibre
• Lots of vitamins and minerals!
• GMO/GE Free
• Free of pesticides and additives

New Zealand Hemp Protein Powder + Maca + Cacao
The ancient Inca used maca to improve energy, vitality and prevent adrenal fatigue. Maca can contribute to balancing hormones, improving thyroid function, mental focus, memory and metabolism and is a natural anti-depressant. It is also said to improve reproductive health, libido and sexual function in both men and woman. Cacao powder is high in anti-oxidants, and packed with anadamide, tryptophan, PEA, polyphenols, magnesium, zinc and other essential minerals.
How do I use it?
The chocolatey, malt flavour of the cacao and maca and super-subtle nutty undertones of the hemp make a delicious addition to smoothies, baked treats and hot-drinks!
Hemp-healthify a coffee or chai latte by adding a tablespoon of Hemp Power Blend. The wholesome health-packed ingredients make a welcome addition to nutritionally boost a plain coffee or tea with minimal effort and a tasty result.
The flavours of hemp power blend complement many sweet treats including christmassy spices like cloves and nutmeg - this product is definitely worth trying out in your eggnog or gingerbread too.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. After opening consume within 3 months.
Ingredients: NZ Grown Hemp Protein Powder (50%), Maca & Cacao
Allergens: Contains cacao, may contain traces of gluten
Shelf Life: Hemp Products keep well for up to 12 months, but we recommend you consume them within 3 months of opening

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