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HONEVO Acne 50ml (Same as HONEVO Red)

HONEVO Acne 50ml (Same as HONEVO Red)

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Leaves the skin smooth and cleansed while helping rapid healing of spots.

Clinical trials of Honevo™ has found that 80% of users report less pimples and spots in under two weeks.*
The patented Honevo formulation is created with pharmaceutical-grade kanuka honey.
Completely natural, Honevo combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.
*8 out of 10 users report less pimples and spots in under 2 weeks. Results obtained by expert clinician’s assessment.
Directions: Apply a thin layer of Honevo pharmaceutical honey to the affected areas of skin.
Leave for 10 minutes and then wash off. Use twice daily.
Ingredients: Honevo Pharmaceutical-grade Kanuka Honey, Glycerin
Honevo skin care products all contain the same strong kanuka honey formulation, however are boxed and labelled differently so that users can choose a product which is appropriately named, with specific application instructions for the condition.

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