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HONEVO Rosacea Mask 50ml - Fairy springs pharmacy

HONEVO Rosacea Mask 50ml

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Honevo Red Pharmacuetical Honey 50ml

Honevo® is the pharmaceutical honey that provides skin condition sufferers with natural, clinically-proven topical treatments

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used honey for its remarkable ability to effectively and safely treat wounds. Thousands of years later, we now have a far better understanding of honey’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Honevo is a patent-pending formulation of pharmaceutical-grade kanuka honey. Kanuka is a close cousin of manuka that has excited researchers with its ability to treat a range of skin conditions. Honevo’s unique formulation of kanuka honey combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.

Provides rapid relief from redness in the affected areas of the face!

Clinical trials of Honevo® has found that 80% of users report less redness in under two weeks*.

The patented Honevo® formulation is created with pharmaceutical-grade Kanuka honey.

Completely natural, Honevo® combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.

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Active Ingredients:
Honevo Pharmaceutical-grade Kanuka Honey

Honevo skin care products all contain the same strong kanuka honey formulation, however are boxed and labelled differently so that users can choose a product which is appropriately named, with specific application instructions for the condition.

Apply Honevo® directly to affected area of the face. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Use twice daily.

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