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  • JOHN PLUNKETT'S Sunspot Cream 100g

    JOHN PLUNKETT'S Sunspot Cream 100g

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    WHAT ARE SUNSPOTS (Solar Keratosis)

    Sunspots are the rough, scaly, raised blemishes on the skin, also known as solar keratoses (white, rough or scaly cells and are often the beginnings, if left untreated, of skin cancer).
    Sunspots are raised and red or white, unlike age spots, which are flat and brown.
    Due to the Australia’s lifestyle and climate, years of unprotected sun exposure are now catching up with the Baby Boomers, in the form of Solar Keratoses, or Sunspots.
    About 50% of the Australian Caucasian population over 40 years of age has at least one Sunspot.
    Sunspots usually occur on the face, hands and other exposed skin such as scalp, ears and other parts of the body.
    Effective treatment of Sunspots can help avoid them developing into malignant skin cancers.


    Sunspot Cream is an exclusive formula that works gradually to remove the sun damaged layers of skin.
    These layers are then replaced by healthy new skin

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