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    MACKS AquaBlock Purple 2 pairs - Fairyspringspharmacy

    MACKS AquaBlock Purple 2 pairs

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    MACK'S AquaBlock Swimmers Ear Plugs - 2 Pairs

    Mack's AquaBlock pre-molded flanged earplugs are constructed of silicone and designed for super soft, super comfortable, waterproof protection.

    For ages 7 and up.

    Super Soft, Pre-moulded flanged Earplugs
    Unique Flex Stem and triple flange design allow for a more customised fit, which increases sealing ability and improves wearer comfort
    Pre-molded silicone will not deteriorate like similar earplugs made of plastic
    Helps prevent swimmer's ear and surfer's ear
    Washable and reusable for extended wear
    Carrying case included

    Do not push the earplug so far into the ear that your are unable to get it out. You should be able to easily grasp the stem with the thumb and forefinger for removal.

    Remove earplug slowly with twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Rapid removal may damage eardrum.

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