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    Medela Purelan100 7g - Fairy springs pharmacy

    Medela Purelan100 7g

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    Medela PureLan eases the discomfort of sore and cracked nipples that can occur during breastfeeding. It creates a moisture barrier, allowing skin to rehydrate from within. An added benefit is that Purelan does not need to be removed before breastfeeding.

    100% ultra-pure natural lanolin
    Helps replenish the natural oils depleted by frequent sucking
    No need to remove before breastfeeding

    Recommendations for use:

    Tender, reddened nipples – smooth a very thin layer (0.5mm) over the reddened area to soothe the skin and maintain moisture levels

    Sore, red (not cracked) nipples – smooth a thin layer (1.0mm) over the sore area to prevent drying and maintain skin elasticity

    Cracked, raw nipples (with or without bleeding but free from infection) – apply a layer (2.0mm) to cracked parts of the nipple to ensure a moist environment where new tissue can form and resurface the nipple

    If you're having serious discomfort while breastfeeding, please consult your midwife, health visitor or lactation consultant – sore, cracked nipples may be eliminated by a change of breastfeeding technique or position

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