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  • PROTECH Triple Action Lice Comb

    PROTECH Triple Action Lice Comb

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    Protech Triple Action Lice Comb

    Narrow and extra-narrow spaced round tipped teeth give three times the combing effectiveness.
    Row 1 - Gently detangles
    Row 2 - Removes headlice
    Row 3 - Removes nits & eggs
    Non-slip grip for easy comfortable combing.
    Works on all hair types and styles.
    Gently removes head lice, eggs & nits.
    Can be used in conjunction with all lice treatments.
    5x magnifier.
    Round tipped teeth are spaced along three specially aligned rows, fine enough to remove head lice and their eggs. The front row gently detangles the hair. The second middle row removes headlice. The rear narrow row removes smaller headlice, nits & eggs.

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