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    Repel Fabric Treatment - Fairy springs pharmacy

    Repel Fabric Treatment

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    Repel Permethrin Treatment Kit For Fabric

    Repel Permethrin Fabric Treatment Kit contains everything you need to treat clothing, bedding or any fabric to protect against mosquitoes, bedbugs, scabies, ticks, lice and other crawling and flying insects. Permethrin is an insecticide effective at killing insects and arthropods which come in contact with it. Specialists recommend that when visiting areas where mosquito borne diseases are endemic, clothing should be light coloured and cover as much skin as possible, it should be treated with Permethrin and a DEET or Picaridin based insect repellent should be used on exposed skin to ensure complete protection. Permethrin Treated mosquito nets should also be used for sleeping if there is a chance that mosquitoes may be present.

    Each kit contains:

    • 2 sets of gloves
    • Bags
    • String
    • Permethrin vials
    • Intructions

    Each set is enough to treat 1 large item of clothing (e.g. 1 pair of medium weight trousers), or additional smaller items. The weight and size of the fabric being treated will affect the amount of items able to be treated. Only treat outer layers of clothing –not underwear etc. Once treated and air-dried, the fabric will stay treated for up to 10 washes, or in the case of mosquito nets (or items unlikely to be washed) - 6 months duration.

    Extended Information:Repel Tropical Strength and Ultra Insect Repellents in conjunction with a Repel or Active Duty Permethrin Fabric Treatment Kit should be your product of choice to protect against dengue fever, malaria, West Nile virus and other diseases transmitted by the bite of infected blood sucking and biting insects.

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