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    RED SEAL Smokers 100g Toothpaste

    RED SEAL Smokers 100g Toothpaste

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    Red Seal Toothpaste 100g - Smokers

    • Combines natural stain remover with extra strong mint breath freshener.
    • Removes stubborn stains from your tooth enamel without harming dentine.
    • A natural and refreshing way to clean your teeth.
    • Suitable for smokers and non-smokers.

    • No added fluoride. There is conflicting evidence on the benefits of fluoride.
    • Excess fluoride may cause chalky white patches on the teeth giving a mottled appearance. Red Seal provides you with a range of non-fluoridated toothpastes to meet your specific needs.
    • Strong peppermint flavour to freshen breath.
    • Helps remove stains.
    • Contains natural herb extracts and oils.
    • Fights plaque and decay.
    • Helps protect gums.
    • Natural antibacterial action.
    • Paraben free.
    • Colour free.
    • No tricoslan, peroxide, potassium nitrates, or strontium chloride.

    Active Ingredients:
    Calcium carbonate: Mild abrasive and polisher.
    Purified water.
    Sorbitol: Sweetener and moistener.
    Glycerin: Vegetable-based sweetener and moistener.
    Dolomite powder: Teeth whitener.
    Sodium lauryl sulphate.
    Silica: Mild abrasive and thickener.
    Cellulose gum: Gumming agent sourced from plant fibre.
    Magnesium aluminium silicate: Thickener derived from naturally occurring minerals.
    Peppermint oil.
    Eucalyptus oil.
    Aniseed oil.
    Sodium saccharin: Sugar-free sweetener
    Totarol: Antibacterial action.

    • The concentrated mint flavour of Smokers Toothpaste is not suitable for young children.

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