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BENZAC SPOTS Daily Facial Foam Cleanser 130ml

BENZAC SPOTS Daily Facial Foam Cleanser 130ml

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Benzac Spots Daily Facial FOAM Cleanser

Benzac Daily Facial Cleansers come in a gentle liquid or a foam for more sensitive skin. Both have been specially developed for oily to combination skin.

Its balanced formula contains natural extracts of Calendula and Aloe vera. They get rid of impurities, help unblock pores and control excessive oiliness without drying out the skin.

The cleanser’s emollient and soothing ingredients will maintain the natural moisture of your skin all day. Benzac Daily Facial Cleansers are also dermatologically tested, so you can use them every day.

The liquid and foam cleansers:

- Remove impurities & help unblock pores
- Control oiliness without drying the skin
- Are dermatologically tested
- Contain natural extracts of calendula and aloe vera to help hydrate and soften the skin

Apply on wet face and neck in gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and use twice a day.

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