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CLEARBLUE Rapid Detect Pregnancy 1 Test - Fairy springs pharmacy

CLEARBLUE Rapid Detect Pregnancy 1 Test

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Clearblue Pregnancy Test - 1 Test

Clearblue is a simple and easy-to-use pregnancy test that gives you a clear, accurate answer in just one minute. You can test Clearblue from the first day your period is due and at any time of the day. Clearblue has been shown to be more than 99% accurate.

Clearblue is a simple, no-mess test that you hold in your urine stream for 5 seconds. There is no need to collect urine in a messy cup, and you get your results in only 1 minute!

Now with a Colour Change Tip - Hold the colour tip in the urine stream for 5 seconds. The colour change tip will quickly turn pink showing that urine is being absorbed.

A pregnant result may appear in 1 minute when testing from the day of yourmissed period. Wait 3 minutes to confirm a NOT pregnant result.

+ Pregnant
- Not Pregnant

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