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    Clinicians Bladder Support powder 50g

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    Clinicians Bladder Support contains fast acting D-Mannose, a natural plant sugar which supports healthy urinary tract function. D- Mannose discourages harmful bacteria such as E Coli from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and then washes them away with the urine to support urinary tract health.

    Clinicians Bladder Support Benefits
    Clinicians Bladder Support is a research based formula that discourages harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract so they can be excreted with the urine.
    D-Mannose is quickly absorbed for rapid results, then moves into the blood stream and is then excreted via the kidneys.
    The pure D-Mannose powder format allows for cost effective variable dosing for all age groups.
    It can be used to support urinary tract health in individuals who experience frequent urinary tract imbalances.
    Suitable for use in pregnancy, when breastfeeding and for children
    Can be used alongside conventional medicines.

    Clinicians Bladder Support Features

    D-Mannose is a natural carbohydrate sugar naturally produced in the body and is also found in fruits such as cranberries, peaches, apples, oranges and blueberries.
    Bacteria preferentially bind to D-Mannose, which aids their removal in the urine.
    Pleasant tasting and non toxic with no side effects
    Provides cost effective flexible dosing for all age groups
    A natural alternative to support urinary tract health

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    Active Ingredients:
    Active Ingredients in 2 level 1.25ml metric spoonsful:
    D-Mannose 1500 mg

    No added: gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.

    Adults: Take 2 level 1.25ml measures (using the spoon provided) in water every 3 to 4 hours during waking hours for 48 hours. Thereafter, take ½ to 1 measure once or twice daily for 3 additional days.
    Children 4 years and over: Take 1 level 1.25ml measure (using the spoon provided) in water every 3 to 4 hours during waking hours, for 48 hours. Thereafter, take 1/4 to ½ measure once or twice daily for 3 additional days

    Diabetics: The D-Mannose in Clinicians Bladder Support is not metabolized or used by the body to produce energy, it may however cause a small transient increase in blood sugar levels, which should rapidly return to normal after the individual has ceased taking this product.
    When to consider antibiotics: If symptoms do not show significant improvement within 24-48 hours (10% of cases) when taking Clinicians Bladder Support, the bacteria E.coli may not be the cause, consult a health professional as antibiotic therapy may be required.
    Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Considered safe and well tolerated to use during these times.

    Extended Information:
    The urinary tract is usually quite resistant to bacterial imbalances because of the low pH of urine, presence of urea and constant urine flow, which helps to retard the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria. Chronic recurring bladder imbalances are generally problematic to treat.

    Determining the underlying cause is important for a successful outcome. Structural abnormalities and environmental and dietary factors such as excessive sugar consumption, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and infections should all be considered.

    Peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women may be more prone to urinary tract imbalances due to declining oestrogen levels and may need to discuss the need for local oestrogen therapy with an appropriate health professional.

    In addition, incomplete emptying of the bladder (age-related), immobility, inadequate fluid intake and bowel incontinence may also contribute to the development of imbalances.

    A significant feature of recurrent bladder imbalances is the adherence of harmful bacteria to the wall or lining of the urinary tract, including the kidneys and bladder. Sometimes these bacteria can be removed through the process of urination, however large volumes of bacteria may be hard to remove this way which then leads to recurrent symptoms.

    Most natural therapies target this build-up of harmful bacteria and support the body's removal of them

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