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    DULCOLAX Suppositories 10mg 6

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    Ducolax Adult Suppositories act as a stimulating laxative to Help evacuate the colonic mucosa

    Active Ingredients:
    Adult strength: Bisacodyl 10mg

    How to use:

    The Adult dose of Dulcolax suppositories is 1 to 2 suppositories inserted as high as possible in the rectum.

    Not for prolonged use
    Often this due to failure to insert the suppository sufficiently high in the Rectum.
    If bowel action does not occur after 3 days consult your Doctor.
    Use Rectally (only)
    Not suitable for pregnancy
    Not suitable if suffering from acute stomach pain.
    Soreness in the Anal region can be caused by leakage of the Suppository base.

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