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    EGO Pinetarsol Shower Pack 200ml - Fairy springs pharmacy

    EGO Pinetarsol Shower Pack 200ml

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    Pinetarsol Solution Soap-free cleanser for inflamed skin

    Pinetarsol Solution helps to reduce redness and relieve itching while gently cleansing the skin. Suitable for use on the whole body, it’s an effective way to treat large areas of red, itchy skin.

    Helps to relieve itching and inflammation associated with a range of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, nappy rash, sunburn, prickly heat, hives, insect bites, anal and genital itching.
    Gently cleanses without irritating inflamed skin like soap can.
    Helps break the “itch–scratch cycle”.
    pH-balanced to maintain the skin’s natural protection.
    Recommended for normal to oily skin.

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    Active Ingredients:
    Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate 6.0% w/w, tar (Pine Tar) 2.3% w/w

    PRESERVATIVE Phenethyl Alcohol

    *One capful contains 5 mL. For very inflamed skin, use with water. Shake bottle before use.

    Bath: Add 15-30mL* to a warm to tepid bath (5mL* in baby’s bath or hand basin). Bathe for 5-10 minutes once daily, more often in severe cases. Pat skin dry.

    Shower: Apply directly to wet skin, leave a few minutes, briefly rinse. Pat skin dry.

    For small areas/patients in bed: Add 10mL to 3 L of water, sponge, pat skin dry.

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