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  • FITTY DENT Cushions - 15 strips

    FITTY DENT Cushions - 15 strips

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    Fifty Dent Super Denture Adhesive Cushion Strips may provide the perfect hold for your dentures. It comes in a patented denture adhesive that firmly secures your dentures with a long lasting bond between the denture and the gum. It comes with an insoluble property that does not get affected by saliva or any liquids and only needs to be applied once during the day.
    Denture adhesives are pastes, powders or adhesive pads that may be placed in/on dentures to help them stay in place. In most cases, properly fitted and maintained dentures should not require the use of denture adhesives. However, shrinkage of the bone structure in the mouth causes dentures to gradually become loose. When this occurs, the dentures should be relined or new dentures should be made that fit the mouth properly. Denture adhesives help to fill gaps caused by shrinking bone and help to give temporary relief from loosening dentures.

    Try a denture adhesive that firmly holds your dentures in place. 

    It forms a secure, strong bond between the denture and the gum.
    It may significantly improve the stability of the upper and lower dentures.
    It may allow the dentures to stay firmly in the mouth in order to help prevent slipping.
    It may help prevent the occurrence of various tissue irritations and inflammation of the oral mucosa.
    It may allow the wearer to eat hard food again as if they had their original set of teeth.


    • Clean and dry your lower denture thoroughly before applying adhesive cushions.
    • Remove the foil on both sides of cushion before using. To easily remove the foil, bend cushion slightly.
    • Apply the cushion inside the lower denture and press firmly in place. Gently smooth out any air bubbles.
    • If necessary, trim cushion with scissors to fit denture.
    • Insert denture into mouth and bite firmly. For best results, wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking.

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