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    FUTURO Comfort Elbow Support + Pressure Pads S - Fairy springs pharmacy

    FUTURO Comfort Elbow Support + Pressure Pads S

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    Futuro Elbow Comfort Support With Pressure Pads - Small

    The FUTURO Elbow support with pressure pads is designed to provide support and relief to stiff, weak or injured elbows and forearms. It may also be used to help manage localized edema, or swelling. The support can help relieve symptoms of epicondylitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, tendonitis, overuse syndromes or other conditions, as indicated by your physician. wear all day or during activities which lead to discomfort.

    Pads provide a local massage effect which helps accelerate the healing process
    Provides compression on the lateral and medial elbow joint area
    Firm Support
    Suitable for Everyday Use
    Fits discretely under clothing

    9.0 - 10.0in. /23.0 - 25.5cm

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