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    Good Health Spirulina 200 Tablets

    Good Health Spirulina 200 Tablets

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    Good Health Spirulina is a super food made from a Blue green algae. Spirulina is naturally rich in many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll. It is naturally high in iron and has a higher percentage of protein (60%) than any other food. It's no surprise that it’s regarded as one of nature’s top super foods. Ideal for any age from children to the elderly.

    Key Features

    • Hawaiian grown
    • Dried using special patented Ocean Chill Drying™
    • Grown in spring water free from contaminants, pesticides, industrial waste and herbicides.
    • Rich in iron

    Key Benefits

    • Known to be the best source of Spirulina in the world
    • Ensures the Spirulina contains the highest nutrients content available – contains high levels of Iron, Beta carotene and Zeaxanthin
    • Superior quality
    • The clean fresh water gives the Spirulina a clean fresh taste
    Nutritional Information
    Serving size: 6 tablets (3g) Qty per serving* Qty per 100g*
    Energy 42kJ 1390kJ
    Protein 2.0g 67.0g
    Fat- total
    Sodium 36mg 1170mg
    Vitamin B12 (450% of RDI) 9 mcg
    Vitamin K (94% of RDI) 76mcg 2500mcg
    Iron (58% of RDI) 7mg
    Chromium (25% of RDI) 51mcg 1670mcg
    Zeaxanthin 8mg 250mg
    Total carotenoids 14mg 467mg
    Superoxide Dismutase
    30 units 1000 units
    *Specified values are averages

    Formulated without

    Gluten, egg, dairy, soy, yeast, wheat, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or artificial colours.

    Serving suggestion

    If you are new to taking Spirulina it is best to start slowly and build up to the recommended dose. 1 serve = 6 tablets (equivalent to 6gms).
    Adults: Suggested dose is to take 1-3 serves per day (tablets can be taken all at once or with each meal).


    No known contra-indications. May be taken with other medications and supplements. No side effects known to be reported. People with hereditary haemochromatosis or iron overload should not take iron containing supplements.

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