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  • HAPPY EARS Cone Ear Candles 100% Beeswax - Cone

    HAPPY EARS Cone Ear Candles 100% Beeswax - Cone

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    Happy Ears - Ear Candles CONE - 1 Pair

    When you’re looking to get rid of ear wax the natural and easy way, you can’t go past ear candling. At Happy Natural Therapies, we offer top of the range candle supplies that are known for their high quality and effectiveness.

    How does ear candling work?
    Ear candling has become more popular in recent years, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a new practice! For many years’ certain cultures have used it as an effective way to rid the ear canals of the wax that slowly builds up over time.

    The treatment works by putting a hollow candle in your ear and lighting the opposite end. This sends a small amount of heat through your ear canal – just enough to melt the ear wax – before it is sucked through the hollow part of the candle. The result is clearer ear canals without needing to use other messy and inconvenient products such as oils and q-tips, which only do the job half as well.

    Happy Natural Therapies is a reputable name in the alternative remedies industry, as our customers know that we only sell top of the range products that provide the best results. Shop online today to experience the difference for yourself.

    PREPARE you will need a glass/bowl of water, matches, tissues.
    REST we suggest you stay lying down for 15 minutes after the treatment is complete.
    RELAX have the person lie on their side making sure they are comfortable.

    1) Push the candle through the protective disc and light the wide end of the candle

    2) Place the small end into the ear and hold it in a vertical position. Do not force into ear.

    3) When the flame reaches the flame-breaking ring, remove and extinguish in water.

    • For safety reasons we recommend you do not use ear candles alone. It is best done by a second person. This will also help you enjoy a relaxing experience.
    • Do not use ear candles if you suffer from acute or chronic diseases.
    • Very occasionally allergic reactions to the ingredients are reported. This may be in the form of spontaneous itchiness and can be relieved with suitable eardrops.

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