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    Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks - Pack of 3 - Fairy springs pharmacy

    Lemon-Glycerin Swabsticks - Pack of 3

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    Comes as ONE sachet of 3 swabsticks (not as a box)
    • FIRST AID MUST HAVE PRODUCT: For post operative oral care, relief of dry mouth, and swabbing when special mouth care is prescribed..
    • EXCLUSIVE LIMON SWAB STICKS: Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks are oral swabs with refreshing lemon flavour moisten and refresh the mouth..
    • RELIEF FROM THE DISCOMFORT: Suffering from dry mouth? Use this Sion Biotex Glycerin Swabsticks for immediate relief of dry mouth symptoms. Our Glycerine Swabsticks stimulate the saliva glands, providing refreshment and relief for patients with restricted oral intake. They are ideal for those with respiratory problems, or undergoing cancer or drug therapy treatments..
    • INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED SWAB STICKS: Convenience packaging of three single-use swabsticks in each foil pack.
    • TRY IT YOURSELF: Works great and lasts for longer than I would have expected. A pleasant, refreshing taste, relief from the discomfort of a dry mouth. Try it now.
    Lemon Glycerin Swabs By Sion Medical. Temporary relief of minor
    soreness and and Mouth Irritation, Dry Mouth and Fresh Breath.

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