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MYCOTA Foot Powder 70gm - Fairy springs pharmacy

MYCOTA Foot Powder 70gm

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Stop fungal bugs dead in their tracks by treating them at the first signs of infection,
often just cracking or peeling of the skin between the toes, which might feel itchy or sore.
Mycota is an effective, great value treatment to provide relief from the irritation & kill the fungi that cause Athlete's Foot.

Athletes Foot is a very common skin condition which affects up to 70% of the population at some time - most people will suffer from Athletes Foot at least one time in their lives! And this is not surprising

Athletes Foot is a highly contagious condition which can be transferred via changing room floors, around swimming pools, and is more common if you wear trainers frequently.

Athletes Foot is a fungal infection which causes dry skin, itching and inflammation around the toes and feet.

The good news is Athletes Foot is very easy to treat using Mycota anti-fungal powder.

Active Ingredients:
zinc undecenoate 20%, undecenoic acid 2% or 5%
Apply powder to affected area, especially between toes. Sprinkle powder inside dry socks and shoes daily to prevent return of symptoms.

Hypersensitvity to any ingredients. Pregnancy and lactation. For external use only. Do not apply to broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation is severe.

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