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    SAFE AND SOUND Reusuable Ear Cleaner 10 Pack

    SAFE AND SOUND Reusuable Ear Cleaner 10 Pack

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    Safe and Sound HealthÕs Reusable Ear Cleaners have been designed to remove ear wax and exfoliate the inner and outer ear. Unlike cotton buds, our ear cleaners allow you to remove irritating ear wax without damaging the eardrum or trapping tiny fibres of cotton in the ear.

    One end of the double-ended ear cleaning tool has a small scoop, perfect for reaching and gently removing small pieces of earwax. The other end features a small ribbed exfoliator that scrubs away dead skin cells, helping to relieve and prevent annoying itches inside the ear canal. Both ends of the earwax removal tool indicator how far you can enter the ear canal without going too far and damaging your eardrum.

    The cupped end is designed to scoop out excess earwax
    The ribbed end exfoliates dead skin and gently removes excess earwax
    Made from flexible plastic, our ear cleaning and exfoliating tools are reusable and dishwasher safe, reducing the amount of use-once plastic that ends up in landfill and our oceans.

    A safer and environmentally friendly alternative to cotton buds
    Safely cleans and exfoliates the inner and outer ear
    10 Reusable earwax cleaners per pack
    Carefully read instructions before using
    Please refer to packaging before use

    To use Safe and Sound HealthÕs Reusable Ear Cleaners to clean the ears and remove excess earwax:

    Use the cupped end to gently scoop excess earwax from the area around the entrance to the ear canal
    The ribbed end is used to remove excess earwax and exfoliate the out areas of the ear
    Earwax serves a purpose to a healthy ear. Therefore this product should only be used to remove excess earwax
    It is not recommended to use Safe and Sound Health Reusable Ear Cleaners more than once a week for removing excess earwax
    Do not insert the Reusable Ear Cleaners deep into the ear canal or nose

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