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    SAFE AND SOUND Small Metal Finger Splint

    SAFE AND SOUND Small Metal Finger Splint

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    Designed to immobilise broken and injured fingers or thumbs, Safe and Sound HealthÕs Small Metal Finger Splint is the perfect size for stabilising either your thumb or finger following an injury.
    By holding your finger or thumb in a stable position, the metal splint gives your finger or thumb the support it needs while healing. The metal splint helps to prevent any knocks or bumps causing you any further pain.
    Our metal finger and thumb splint feature a soft foam lining that provides a comfortable fit, even when worm for several days. The outer metal shell is made form malleable aluminium that can easily be adjusted to accommodate any swelling.
    ¥ Suitable for both fingers and thumb
    ¥ Comfortable soft foam lining
    ¥ Adjustable and malleable aluminium
    ¥ Please refer to packaging before use
    ¥ Manufactured to exacting standards

    1. Gently place the splint over the injured finger of thumb
    2. Use tape to secure the finger splint (The splint should feel snug, but not too tight)

    Safe and Sound Health Small Metal Thumb and Finger Splint
    ¥ Adjustable aluminium splint
    ¥ For both thumbs and fingers
    ¥ Soft foam lining
    ¥ Adjustable to accommodate swelling

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