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VICKS Vapodrops Original Menthol 24

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VICKS Vapodrops Original Menthol 24

A pack of Vicks® VapoDrops™ will quickly stop the dreaded “throat tickle” and “runny nose” that precedes a coughing fit and stops you using your voice with confidence!

So next time you want to cheer on your team, sing your heart out, deliver that presentation – then make sure your voice performs at its best with Vicks VapoDrops - Nothing clears the nose and soothes the throat faster!

VapoDrops temporarily relieves:
Sore Throat, nasal congestion.

Active Ingredients:
Each lozenge contains:
Menthol 10.6mg,
Eucalyptus Oil 4.6mg

Also contains glucose - liquid and sucrose

Take 1 to 2 lozenges every 2-3 hours as needed.

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